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Patient Information

My goal is to do the very best I can possibly can do for you. I will listen to you, use my years of experience, communicate with participating dentists and treat you like I would like to be treated. You will be informed of your current dental condition and the treatment options to reach your optimum dental health and appearance.

My objective is to educate you to understand the periodontal problems you present with and understand the contributing factors that have led to these problems. Through education and understanding of these problems you will be able to make an informed consent and proceed to a healthy and predictable result.

The procedures you undergo will be as unobtrusive as possible. For your comfort, IV sedation is available in my office provided by a highly experienced M.D. Anesthesiologist. Nitrous oxide is also available. Treatment and postoperative care will be carefully designed to minimize any discomfort.

I will listen to you regarding your existing dental and periodontal problems and, together with you, come up with an optimum solution that will fit your needs for long-term predictable success.

First Visit

During your first appointment, you will have adequate time to fully inform me of your concerns and your objectives. We will review any information provided by your referring dentist or referral source. Your periodontal health and overall dental health will be examined. This includes an oral cancer examination, recording the current condition of your gum tissue, examination of x-rays, a review of your medical and dental history, and a discussion of conditions that are exhibited.

An optimum treatment solution to the gum tissue problems will be presented to you along with viable alternatives and treatment that may be necessary with other Dental Specialists or General Dentists. You will be informed of the treatment sequence, the fees for the treatment services, and the payment options. The diagnosis and treatment information gained at this appointment will be forwarded to your referring dentist.