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Osseous Surgery and Bone Grafting

Osseous Surgery is a procedure to eliminate infection in the bone under the gum tissue around the teeth. Once the infected bone is eliminated, the gum tissue can be tightened around the tooth.

This procedure reduces the depth of the gum pockets around the teeth which also reduces the amount of bacteria that is able to accumulate underneath the gum tissue. With the elimination of gum pockets, or the reduction of gum pockets, you are able to keep your teeth clean and prevent plaque from accumulating.

Sometimes it is necessary to add bone during Osseous Surgery. Bone Grafting is necessary when the bone loss around a tooth is too severe to be corrected by conventional Osseous Surgery. The objective is to regenerate the bone to decrease the pocket depths and create bone to stabilize the tooth. The bone grafting material is placed in the bone defect allowing new bone forming cells to grow.

Bone Grafting can also be done in conjunction with a procedure referred to as Guided Bone Regeneration to improve the results. A resorbable barrier is placed over the bone graft to allow the bone to be isolated and heal without gum tissue growing into the bone grafting areas.

Osseous Surgery and Bone Grafting are provided with local anesthetic or IV sedation to maintain your comfort during the procedure. The surgery is provided in a delicate manner to minimize discomfort during the healing time.